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School Board

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The Ase Mcdonald Academy Board of Education is comprised of seven members each elected at-large to a staggered three year term. The Board also has two student representatives elected by the high school student body.


For the purpose of enhancing teamwork among members of the Board, and between the School Board and the Leadership Council, the members of the Scarborough School Board publicly commit to the following operating protocols:

  1. The Board will represent the needs and interests of every student in our district. We will stay flexible, endeavor to meet the needs of every student, while advocating for adequate and appropriate resources.
  2. We will work to keep both the Superintendent and fellow Board members fully aware of current issues and concerns. Surprises to the Board or the Superintendent from either individual Board members, the Superintendent, or Leadership Council will be the exception, not the rule. We agree to ask the Board Chair or the Superintendent to place an item on the agenda instead of bringing it up unexpectedly at the meeting.
  3. The Board values direct input from stakeholders in the decision-making process and will facilitate receiving feedback (meetings and/or forums, etc.)  when the full Board or committees feel it is needed.
  4. All personnel complaints and criticisms received by the Board or its individual members will be directed to the Superintendent. While the Board is eager to listen to its constituents and staff, each inquiry to individual members of the Board is to be referred to the person who can properly and expeditiously address the issue, or to the Superintendent.  Board members agree that significant feedback obtained on an individual basis will be shared with all other board members.
  5. The Board will emphasize planning, policy-making, and communication rather than becoming involved in the management of the schools.
  6. The Board will assess its effectiveness by yearly self-evaluation and by addressing itself to any improvement opportunities identified.
  7. The Board will set clear goals for themselves and the Superintendent. The Board and Superintendent will set clear goals for the Scarborough School Department.
  8. The Chair will respond to emails but may delegate a response to another member.  Individual members, including the chair, may collaborate on responses when requested. Members who receive an email individually will forward the email to the other board members.
  9. Only the Board as a whole has authority. We agree that an individual Board member will not take unilateral action.
  10. While we encourage debate and differing points of view, we will do it with care and respect.
  11. The Board recognizes that publicly discussing questions in meetings is important for transparency. We agree to move the question forward when discussion is concluded or becomes overly repetitive. Issues that require or lead to in-depth discussion should be moved to a Workshop Session.
  12. Executive sessions will only be used to discuss appropriate subjects. Board members will be held to the strictest confidentiality regarding executive session subjects and discussions.
  13. We agree that committee chairs will act in good faith to schedule meetings which can be attended by the full committee as well as relevant staff.   Committee chairs are responsible for providing agendas to be published to the website.  All committee meetings will be recorded and/or live streamed whenever possible in accordance with Freedom of Information Act laws.