Revolutionize Your Year: The Power of the 12-Week Cycle

Revolutionize Your Year: The Power of the 12-Week Cycle

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Unlock the power of accelerated goal achievement with our inspired planner, influenced by Brian Morgan's groundbreaking book, "The 12-Week Year." Say goodbye to the traditional 12-month cycle and embrace a revolutionary approach to goal-setting in just 12 weeks!

This planner is meticulously designed for enhanced focus, clarity, and a heightened sense of urgency in your goal pursuit. Dive into the future with purpose and intention, propelled by the principles that have transformed countless lives.

Key Features:

  • Quarterly Structure: Organized into four powerful quarters, align your journey with the proven effectiveness of the 12-Week Year method.
  • Intentional Goal Setting: Uncover insightful questions that guide you in setting meaningful goals for the upcoming year.
  • Weekly Task Trackers: Stay on course with dedicated weekly task trackers, ensuring consistent progress toward your objectives.
  • Reflection Pages: Foster self-awareness and continuous improvement through purposeful reflection pages.

Embark on a transformative journey where each day counts, and every week propels you closer to your aspirations. This planner is your indispensable companion in the pursuit of a more focused, intentional, and successful life.

Paperback Book‏ : ‎ 118 pages
Dimensions ‏ : ‎8.5 x11 Inches
Author: Lisa Bowen
Signed copies by the author are available, please write your request in the notes sections.